Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A library closed down

My book haul! Usually a thing of enormous delight. Not so this time.

Ekta library bondho hoi gelo. Aar kichu diner modhe, the owner D.P George will pull down the shutters to this tiny one room library and leave Kolkata forever for his native Kerala. A combination of reasons. Primarily, not many patrons for libraries now a days. Well times, they are a changing.

 Eloor Library closed couple of years ago. That ground floor of the white building opposite Bharat Sevashram Sangha was my favorite go to place. Nothing so calming and exciting at the same time to be lost among towering shelves of books! George who was a staff there, decided to open his tiny library mainly with a few patrons like me who couldn’t do without the periodic pottering around bookshelves.

 He WA the members about his decision and the impending book sale. I was a tad late. I wanted the Yuval Hararis, the Tin Tins and the Asterixs. All gone. Am happy with my haul though. My last take out from this library. 20 years of memories.

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