Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purple Emotions

We all know that plants respond to stimuli. They also experience emotions - seen and witnessed by V, my multi-talented poet, painter, sculptor friend.

She had planted a white blossom and a purple one in rather close proximity to each other. One shot up and bloomed. The other (the purple one) didn’t. Jealous, it moped, according to V.

Then one fine day, she removed the plant which had grown in wild profusion and was shedding leaves and creating a general mess. The other languishing one, grabbed her chance and within a week, had shot up, making the most of being centre stage!

And you can't dismiss it as creative licence. They have social life. Here's proof.

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Swati said...

woah that's so cool...I'd never thought plants could be jealous!! A thought there...

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