Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's here. The first day of winter! It was 20 degrees this morning. Aided by the rains last night and perhaps in the wee hours too!

I know that 20 degrees is spring elsewhere and a blistering hot, droughty and horrific summer scenario in say parts of siberia...but here it is winter. And yahoo weather confirms this and says that mercury is going to dip lower and lower till we have - my god - 17 degrees on Sunday!

Out then, with the monkey tupis, maplars! The wise bengali, never leaving anything to chance has already by now, taken out his or her woollies, given them an airing under the roddur on the chaad which was there till yesterday...and a few have even had a trial wearing session - yes I met them on my way back on warm, if not hot nights, wrapped in muffler, drapped in shawls...testing it out. My mother said it was no laughing matter. Perhaps they left home very early in the morning and went back late at night. And she should know better because having laughed heartily at them (if surreptitiously... never mock a bong wearing shawls, even in warm weather) and pooh-poohed that no.1 cause of illness among bongs "season change" - I am under house arrest for atleast a week. Doc's orders... severe chest infection / congestion.


Swati said...

LOL sounds very familiar. However, isn't the no 1 cause of illness among bongs "ombol" and "gash"?? :)

Sukanya C said...

u r correct. no 1. cause for sordi-jor. ombol and gash are no. 1 on every list.

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