Friday, November 20, 2009

Proper Names

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time might have made it to the Booker longlist 2004 and Boom! hasn't. So what?

Any author who has a proper name for a planet - Plonk in this case (and a chief alien villain called Bantid Vantresillion; and a side-kick Mrs. Pearce - the 85 year old alien in guise of history teacher), is definitely infinitely superior a story teller than scores of those who name planets as XYZ90748ab***yzzpt.

And Mark Haddon, you have company. Shirshendu Mukhopadyaya and his novel Patalghar. Vik from Planet Nyapcha. No wonder both stories are coherent and entirely believable. Aliens, space and time travel. Yes.

So what if I (at my age) still continue to read books for the very young (compared to me they are very young).

PS - If you haven't seen Patalghar yet, do so immediately. And if you have, watching it again will be, you agree, an absolute pleasure.


Swati said...

Patal ghar? ok will check it out...

Faraaz Kazi said...

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