Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lane by Lane

What a beautiful word. Oli goli. Just like the impossibly narrow, meandering, winding, curling lanes and by lanes, with houses standing cheek by jowl on either side, looming over the goli; Each house a different colour, elevation, architecture, foliage and also size depending on where on the curling and uncurling road, it lies!

Ki bhishon sundor, ki bhishon impossible after the wide expanse of Delhi. And yet, they exist and peacefully so...inhabitants know how to live and co-exist without obstructing anyone else or intruding any more than they already are into anyone else's lives!

PS - Fresh from Delh, I found narrow was the operative word for Kolkata and its lanes. But now, I feel, snug is the word.


Swati said...

Try old delhi....many oli golis there too. I always thoght oli goli had a very friendly familiar overtone too...

Sukanya C said...

Hmm yes but not the same, wouldnt u agree?

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