Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boro asha koray...

Hitlist released a week ago. By Sandip Ray and therefore it merited ma's rare forays outdoors. I actually went a day ahead to Nandan, queued patiently for 45 minutes for the ticket counters to open.The movie just a little less than 2 hours is housefull show after show. However, the plot is so shoddy. Cinematography so arbit; Screenplay so run of the mill. A plethora of well known faces with so little to do.

Despite all the negatives, people are coming in droves. Atleast its better than the average tollywood output", ma said.

So much asha Sandip babu. Alas the ashas are not fulfilled. But we keep hoping that it will be. One of these days...he is going to prove to us that he is indeed a chip of the old block.

And that is the reason, Hitlist becomes an unintentional hit.


Anonymous said...

TBH... all the Sandip Ray movies I have seen so far seem to miss any sort of expectation mark that modern day cinema in India is setting forth. They look shoddy, hurriedly composed, dialogues are not engaging and somehow lack charm. I can go back and watch the two older Feluda movies over and over again, but can't sit through any of the new ones, they are just so depressing with the way they have turned out.

Sukanya C said...

yes. Asolutely. Altho its really unfair to compare the two becuz the earlier two are masterpieces. tough act to follow.

nisha said...

Haven't seen it so can't say but there must be something that is of mass appeal which is bringing people in ... though not everything that brings people to a cinema, circus or theatre is necessarily laudable.

Sukanya C said...

yes it pulled me....the expectations!

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