Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pipe dreams

On a new reality show on TV, was watching a contestant with improperly formed hands. He danced with energy and grace. Shiamak Davar thought he was good enough to move onto the second round. Another judge disagreed - his decision was based on the contestant's dance alone.

Arshad Warsi, the third judge said he couldn't say yes to this contestant going ahead because he was different from "us". He said he was sorry but he only knew how to speak the truth. And if he said yes, then it would only because of sympathy.

The contestant said he was no different. He could do everything that others could do. And also dance.

Mr. Warsi said that every one couldn't do everything. He said his lack of height meant he couldn't go for a competition for 6 footers. What in the world???

Different? Isn't that what we all are from each other? Did the dance contest stipulate that only non-disabled contestants could apply? Wasn't dancing capability the only criteria? I haven't read the fine print nor the contract nor the rules. I dont think such a rule can be there and if there is, excluding Persons with disabililty, it is a crime. Atleast in India. Especially since India is now a signatory of the historic United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with disability (UNCRPD). Infact India was one of the first signatories. So what? So what indeed?

A signature is only a symbolic gesture. And India's signing means nothing, unless all Indians sign it - in words and deeds.

Equal rights and equal opportunities - then just a pipe dream?

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Swati said...

Wow did he really do that?? What is wrong with the man? What nerves!! I used to actually like the guy...I've changed my mind now. I hope he gets sued or something

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