Saturday, November 07, 2009

Flavor of the week: Werewolves

Although unplanned, there it was. First the amazing Ms. Fred Vargas. I chanced upon one of her books and was elated to find a fresh series to devour, having nearly exhausted, other serial writers of serial killers and criminals. Seeking whom he may devour - a serial killer-wolf on the loose or was it a werewolf? Observe - I said devour!

And hot on its heels, the most unique vampire story (atleast among those I have read or heard of) : The Reformed Vampire support group by Catherine Jinks, although chiefly of and about vampires and busting many a myth, it has a werewolf, a very good looking one!

And lastly, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong - positively swarming with werewolves...and bursting many more myths and creating a few!

Grrrrowwwl! Hungry for more....books that is...(I assume a wolf growls, being the sort who would like to see a wolf, if at all, on Telly and werewolves, not at all).


Swati said...

Thanks for recommendation...will look out. Check out Not sure if they work in Cal too...but a wonderful option to find books you want to read. Did you read the Twilight series?

Sukanya C said...

no. didnt find the blurb on the cover enticing enuf. and as u might be aware by now...i never listen to fads and crazes...

Read if you will

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