Friday, October 09, 2009

A new less

Ah the drama of Kolkata. It exasperates us, disgusts us, makes us laugh and ofcourse cry. But it also teaches us resilience, patience. And makes us appreciate the little things of life.

Like today. As I stood in the darkened bus stop (power cut), a bus pulled up which looked like the W-3 (a boon, if it turns up). There was an electronic board with some mundane writing on top and so blinding that I couldnt see the bus number. I had to wait till it drew really close to realise that it was the one I wanted and had to run in, since the bus didn't actually stop, only slowed down. Inside I found two colleagues who had boarded it earlier. New bus (yes, the plastic wrappings were still on, in places). Low suspension, smooth, purring, hand rails in bright yellow, seats in ash and blue, huge non-rattly glass windows with all panes in place. A stop sign above every seat and a first aid box. Oh my god! We ticked off the features one by one. And we giggled in delight and giggled some more at our delight! Only those who have lived with the blue and yellow monsters or red and yellow mini-monsters will appreciate our delight!

A thought did crop up all the in all our minds. How long before? Before, it becomes a ram shackly, jarring, rattling framework, gasping and fuming its way through planet polluto?
Make the most of it dear bus.

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Swati said...

Very soon. That's the problem with us, we cant maintain things. Remember my delight when you came to receive me in Paris and we boarded this bus to your house together? I wonder how their buses never become as disgusting as ours do....why cant we do the same?

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