Thursday, January 15, 2009

A walk in the park

It's been months since I last went for an evening walk. Just as I was getting very serious about them, I landed a job with a 6 day work week and that was that. I found some free time this Sunday evening and so I went to dear old Maddox Square. Having sweated it out in summer (trying to lose those unwanted pounds that had piled on), I thought winter would be pleasant.

Like an old hand (at walking that is), I sauntered in around 5:30pm. Some known faces, some new ones. Walkers slow, fast & furious. Ah! It felt nice. The paths were all beautifully paved - thanks to the annual overhaul for the Durga Pujas.

Two games of football in the centre green (not so green and bare in patches), a dad showing (off) his remote controlled helicopter more to others than his kid. A few kids burning scrap papers that had collected from the annual sports of a school held in the morning. Same place, same people, doing the same things (more or less) except smoky wintry atmosphere and of course winter clothes: sweaters, shawls, mufflers et al to remind us that this was - er...winter.

Good thing that - reminding us of it being winter. Otherwise one would think it was spring, in January. Very nice.

PS - Hope this does not portend a blistering summer.

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