Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Walking the Talk 2

So I got out my sneakers. A bit worse for wear, the laces all knotty (I don't quite recall why it had tiny knots at various places). This caused some problems since I was neither able to tie the laces properly, nor take them out to de-knot them. I wore them nevertheless - one shoe a bit wobbly and lose and the other a bit tight (given the variation in length of laces). And then I stepped out in grand style - there - take that - see that (to the multitudes in Maddox Square who have nothing better to do except eye my foot wear or lack of it, or so I imagine) - no sandals anymore.

But my feet felt so tired ... weary, heavy after only one lap. They felt as if weights were tied to them. Laces. Proper laces is what I need. And so, K got me a pair of laces from Lansdowne Market - hurrah. And for only 5 Rupees. Imagine. But my joy was shortlived: The laces are very short. I could not tie a bow, a tiny knot is all I can manage. Nevertheless they were an improvement. I did get a pair of long laces from Bata - but they had only white ones.

Also, both shoes had slits near the big toe. (Eeks ... did my toe nails actually do that? Maybe, but imagine how formidable a weapon - my toe nail - a kick with a sharp toed feet could come in quite handy). And my socks (I have, good girl, several pairs) are all white. And did I mention my sneakers are black. The white socks do show through the slit - and those who stare at my feet might wonder - but nothing I can do about that. Every week on Wednesdays a cobbler comes to our building - I can have the slit repaired but ever since I got the sneakers out, he has not been coming (Now why doesn't that surprise me).

And I figured out the weariness is nothing to do with the laces....I need to do some limbering, ankles stretches before my evening walks.

And despite all that walking the talk (all in my head)...I have improved very slightly. I can manage 5 laps easily and last two panting and gasping.

And if you have missed and are really interested to know about how it all started, here it is Walking the Talk 1.

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