Friday, July 25, 2008

Walking the Talk

It has taken me many, many days (sounds better than putting the actual number of months) to shake off my lethargy and begin my evening walks at Maddox Square, which is right next door. [The thought however had occured to me many many days earlier - full points to me for that, at least]. Then one humid evening, I just did it - went for a walk that is. And found several problems, not the least being shoes.

My sneakers are packed away some where and so I went out in a really comfortable pair of rubber sandals. They provide a nice grippy cushion to my heels much in the manner of a pair of sneakers. I however felt very very conscious. Thought everyone was staring at my feet. Perhaps they were. So what? So, everything it seems (to me). Also, I was terribly out of shape, out of breath. Geriatrics were running rings around me. There I was panting and gasping and barely managing 4 laps before giving up. Perhaps this was enough - I was soaked to skin and so it must mean I had achieved a lot. [Kolkata is almost always 100% humid and so even if I just sat smelling the roses in the park, I'd have gotten sweaty].

Perhaps if I got a better pair of shoes. I have this pair of keds (looked smart when I bought it) in bright RED and BLUE (that would be scarlet and turquoise blue). I put them on and asked R if she thought I'd need socks. Nah - I don't think so - just go ahead. So I did. And it was even worse. People (I thought) were now staring at me and for a proper reason....I was looking ridiculous in a pair of shoes that would look better on a teenager and top of that I was gasping, panting (as usual) and now limping! One lap around the park in my sock-less keds and I had blisters on both my smallest toes and a goodish bit of skin skimmed off my ankles. Oh god. I however, soldiered on and finished my four laps and spent the next few days recovering. While I waited for the ankle to grow new skin, I wore my comfy sandals and hey ... now I had an excuse...should anyone ask that is: My ankle has grazed...I cant wear a sneaker till they heal. No one asked, alas. And then

Good news: I found my sneakers. A bit worse for wear but they are fine. More on that in a subsequent post...


sankarshan said...

err..this is Maddox Square at Kolkata ? The same one of the 'push as many folks as you can in the queue' Durga Puja fame ? And I thought you were at Delhi (or nearabout Delhi - UP)

Sukanya M said...

Correct on both counts. Am currently here! By the way...its difficult commenting on your blog if you are not a livejournal user.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...never knew about that nit. Shall poke around to see if I can get OpenID settings up :)

Pragya said...

Hey there! Glad to see the blog's active again. Summering in Kolkata?

How have you been?


Sukanya M said...

hardly active :-)...being lazy.

Read if you will

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