Friday, May 04, 2012

Kay kaar?

Not mine definitely. KKR that is.

This IPL, the 5th edition, I was totally indifferent to KKR's fortunes. Wins didnot elate me, losses didn't shatter me. Why? I just don't feel any connect whatsoever with the team once Sourav Ganguly was out of it. Despite its name. Kolkata Knight Riders. Was it anger? I don't think so. Well atleast not anger alone. Even if Sourav Ganguly was not playing at all, a team without him wouldn't be of interest to me. Same reason I am rooting for PWI. Sourav.

Will they win tomorrow? Looks slim. But just the idea of having Sourav back at Edens is thrilling enough.

And yes, I have taken the day off tomorrow..

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