Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kolkata Fish Fry

Is there ever anything better than a Kolkata fish fry? Well there isn't actually anything called a Kolkata Fish Fry. It's actually plain Fish Fry. But it has to be made in Kolkata. And not just in any restaurant or hotel. No matter how great or how many world famous chef it has!

It will be tucked away inconspicuously . This one is very prosaically named "Cafe"!

in one of those old Raj Relic buildings

Will have high ceilings and iron rafters

a fan at the end of a very long rod

With impossibly narrow alcoves into which fit rickety wooden chairs and lovers / adda-bajs hunch over a shared plate of any of the very small but unchanging menu, which taste exactly the same year after year ... and all of it delicious

How does one describe it? Well "Anadi Cabin" type will do for most Bengali's. I almost expected Byomkesh Bakshi to come tripping into this one, while I waited for my order of 6 fish fries and 5 fish chop (they only had 5)!

Mmmm....somethings should NEVER change! And guess what? Byomkesh IS arriving tomorrow to Kolkata. Abar!


Satyasri Ukil said...

Bymkesh Bakshi is one of my heroes...a typical 1940s-1950s young upright Bangali 'bhadraloke', a breed that has vanished for fish fries too...

Tilak said...

I can almost taste the stuff! But one thing that does change is the price - I remember buying the stuff in single digits :)

Sukanya C said...

@ Satyasri - it hasnt....and i hv photo evidence. Baba liked it too...and he would know :-)

@ Tilak - check out the prices on the menu pic. It might not be single digit but you have to admit it is low compared to most other Indian metro / big cities.

Kriti said...

darooon : )

Read if you will

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