Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainy day

Its been raining non-stop since noon yesterday. I for once am not complaining. This is infinitely more comfortable than the humid sogginess. Minor discomforts like getting drenched on the way to work and back home are ok. I am even prepared to over look the narrow strip right in front of my office where the drain overflows lovingly onto the road and we have to walk through it (ugh)!

Buses were few today. I got up on one this morning where I was possibly the only passenger (bad for business). The others were helpers and conductors. After much hemming and hawing and deciphering of the owners phone numbers which was scribbled on to the board above the drivers seat, the driver rang the owner and told him that the water was thigh high on the road. It wasn’t! However his appeal did not work. The owner asked him to continue.

The minor discomfort of wading through the drain water (I and all my collagues simply have a good foot bath on reaching work), we settled down to another day. However, there was some excitement. There are many ponds in and around the area which overflow into the drains and there were koi carp swimming just behind our office. Two field staff had, well, a field day catching them with an umbrella.

The koi which swam up the pond and ended in the drain...

Koi is now Rs. 400 a kilo in the market. So great!

Another 24 hours of rains predicted.

And no, I am not taking the drain kois home.

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