Monday, November 08, 2010

Lo behold

Photo courtesy Nadeem Ahmed

Such a beautiful fruit. And not just visually. And the single tree outside our office window reminds us of those couple of months when the tree will be full of white jamrul, which Hemantada our office peon will pluck and distribute. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say I don’t think I have ever tasted such wonderfully sweet jamruls (aka Jamun). Even after the brief fruit season is over, the tree looms reminding us about the next season and harvest.

Hemanta apart from his sundry other activities, is also in charge of pruning the trees. But he forgets to, sometimes. The Jamrul tree has grown and grown till the branches reached the window just behind my work place.

So far so good. Till, an enormous bunch of caterpillars made the tree their home and crawled up onto the ledge and inside our room. Ugh. The window is now firmly shut. Hemantada has firmly hacked the tree down to its size, but we are still not taking any chances.

A senior consultant was sitting with me when I spied 10-12 of them crawling all around my desk and understandably let out a shriek. He very gallantly removed the bunch, but not before giving me an earful on right to life.

Right to life is alright. But somehow in this context, I am certain, might is definitely right.

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