Monday, November 01, 2010


I went to my bank this morning to drop a cheque and update my pass book. Yes, there are still a few banks with the old style passbooks. Ofcourse they have moved with the times and pass books are no longer manually updated. Instead the updates are printed ones. I went dot at 10am to finish these chores in minimum time and rush to work. There was only one solitary chap at teller desk. So when I showed him the pass book, he indicated an empty desk which could mean - I don't do the updating / the person who sits at the currently empty desk will update the book / or (hopefully, I thought) he will be here soon and update your pass book.

So, if there is no one to update my pass book, is there? Imagine that. If this chap doesnot turn up, I have to come another day. Call yourself a bank etc. No, I didn't actually say any of these. These thoughts simply flashed through my mind. Thank god I didn't. The updater arrived and did the updating!

Funny. There was once a time, not too long ago, when like any other nationalised bank, the service here was HORRIBLE. Withdrawing money was a herculean task. No wonder, many of the clients tended to rely on personal relations. This involved personally greeting a teller and making silly small talk in the hope that the tellers would stop talking about a recent picnic or stop carping mother-in-law woes or swapping recipes while a serpentine queue fumed silently.

Slowly but surely, their service improved. Any bank transaction is now done quickly, efficiently in a minimum amount of time. So what if core banking has come a little late here. So what if the bank staff still dress in their bengali best (creasy kurtas, choppols & come winter - the multicoloured hand knitted sweaters). So what if the staff are not the super smart staff like elsewhere full of good mornings and how may I help you's?! So what if they don't have an ATM? This one is actually a boon. It has resulted in remarkable savings for me. Busy as I am with a 6 day week, dont get much time to withdraw money which I would have surely and needlessly spent on things I don't need at all.

Earlier, when they only pretended to provide service, we were so polite and ingratiating. Now, in a complete 180 degree turn, the stiff necked bannerjee da's and dhoti clad ghosh babu's patience has increased in direct proportion to their efficiency!


sankarshan said...

Very interesting that you'd put it this way. The other day we were discussing the relative efficiency of a branch of SBI here. Compared to the experiences gleaned from Kolkata while dealing with nationalized banks (I still have accounts in two of them which I cannot withdraw/close because they need "proof of signature" ! And, I have no idea what that means).

Compared to the SBI branch, which we practically saw grow up from a 4 person branch to a 10 staff one, the snobby "we do everything electronically and get confused" nature of ICICI is sometimes annoying to the hilt.

However, the part about the ATM card - is that the general observation ? I've heard a few folks at office say the same about credit cards ?

Sukanya C said...

ATM card not being there? ofcourse. At least for me. ATM card doubles up as a debit card too...and that means trouble for impulsive spenders like me :-)

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