Friday, December 18, 2009

Not a Kitty Party

And we met up at Dolly's Tea Shop. Three of us this time. Our second Ladies night out. (A bit euphemistic since its was only a couple of hours in the evening)! Our girlish glee, tinged with a guilty pleasure at taking time out for our very own selves. Darjeeling Makaibari roasted for me; Autum for K and Iced tea for S. And ham and cheese sandwiches and one tiny apple tart. And loads of girl talk. And we had fun going triple dutch. And we had even dressed up.

Last month I took S (a very close friend) out to dinner on the eve of her birthday instead of spending it with her and her family like last year. Her hubby, also a very close friend, was quite taken aback and tried to inveigle an invitation. I don't quite know why, but I refused. And so did she! We met up at Mirch Masala in Gariahat at the end of what had been a very busy and long day for the both of us. Both dressed up (a departure from our usual comfy rags)! And suddenly, shy and tongue tied, having rarely met out of family or work settings in recent years! And as the Bloody Mary and Mili Juli Kebabs did their trick, we hestitantly found that there are things to talk about beyond the usual home, hearth and work. Other stuff. And believe me (this is an aside to myself and perhaps S because we were the ones who forgot) that there is a world of things to talk about, out there!

And we were so thrilled with ourselves. Do you think he (friends hubby) was very upset? I asked. No, she said and then after a while added, "not very much"! And then we both laughed! Let's meet next month.

What shall we do next? Where shall we meet? Breakfast at Flurys?! Why ever not? After all, the operational word out here is a ladies outing or should I say, ladies only outing. We'll take turn with the logistics - which simply means fixing the time, day and venue. That is so difficult, we both agree! Every mundane thing seems more important. But no men! And there is such a nice feeling saying no to any men who might want to butt in (presently only one - S's slightly puzzled husband since he is always the jolly fourth in all our outings and plans and addas)! Haha!

Anything else? Yes: Will not laugh at kitty parties. I used to look down upon them. All this kitty party things (so behenji, so aunty, so inane, so meaningless, so.....) then has something to say for it! I will try and not sneer!

PS - It is still a ladies only outing. And NOT a kitty party.

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Swati said...

Who's S? Oh ho green eyed moster looking me in the eye...I still look down on kitty parties, but a girls night out does sound good!!

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