Wednesday, April 22, 2009

United we sweat

Phew. It's been unbearable.

Temperatures ranging around 40, 41, 41.8, and if we are lucky (like today), 39 degrees. Plus Humidity - according to Yahoo it is 84% today (felt like 100%). And ofcourse power cuts everywhere and in a bizzare turn of affairs, Kolkata - Dumdum to Behala had 6-10 hours of powercut on Sunday, except for some 16 -20 houses in the Hazra- D'Park - Triangular Park area (us included) and couldn't enjoy our good luck for fear that we'd have a power cut too. And ofcourse there have been outages ever since - mostly as soon as we step into our office and throughly sweaty and tired even before we can began work and around 3pm each afternoon when it's hottest.

There was a met forecast of cyclone Bijli. It never came. (Which has come as a relief for people along the coast). Not only did Bijli bypass us completely, my ever cautious, ever prepared father insisted on having every window tightly shut for a few days after the met announcement which meant our nights - ones inside our appartment were as sweltering as the days.

What the multiple captain theory for KKR, CPM vs TMC couldn't do, the heat wave has. Kolkata is united in endless discussion on how hot it is, whose place is hotter, who suffered the most, prickly heat, boils and boil-lets (phora and phuskuri)...

Chaprasi to CEO everyone feeling the heat which shows no signs whatsoever of abating.

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Swati said...

Uggh!! dukhos....

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