Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not much Kolkata in Knight Riders

And there it was: Sourav won't be the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders - rotating or not. Brendan McCullum it would be.

At once the IPL balloon punctured for me. I was amazed at what I was feeling. I tried telling myself that its only a game and one which to my frequent angst gets way too much attention than any other sport in India; that it will be over in a month or so and life will simply move on for everyone including Sourav. And there are more important things in life. But I couldn't dislodge the stiffling pall of gloom which descended. I didn't feel like indulging in a screaming, shouting angry rant against everyone (real or imagined) who was responsible for it. Lost some interest in IPL.

What's left in KKR then? Only the KR? SRK's KR? John Buchanan's KR?

I did try to leave work early to catch the 2nd match last night and made the mistake of telling the auto driver to go super sonic fast: which he did: and had all of us speechless with fright - but I came home with 15 minutes to spare. Watched Chennai lose to Mumbai, saw Dimitri Mascarenhas's fantastic bowling in the first over. And yet that thrill I felt at the last IPL wasn't there. South Africa must have fantastic facilities, everything ship-shape, no power failure (like at Edens last year) but somehow -- that crazy passion wasn't there. Just not the same as seeing it happen in your own hometown (and not only at Eden, but anywhere else in the country), the hordes of manic about cricket fans. That palpable excitement, buzz, build up, the collective agony and ecstacy...not there.

I will be watching the 1st KR (and not so Kolkata KR) match tonight. (hurt and betrayed as I feel...eeeks....can that be me? Aparently it is....despite my telling myself its only a game)!


sankarshan said...

Hope you were not too disappointed with the efforts the (K)KR folks put in. I find it amusing that the I(ndian)PL could just go the TPR way rather than bring crowds into the stadia.

Swati said...

Likewise Su....I'm feeling exactly like that....I almost said, "serves them right" when they lost, but stopped myself, because helllooo how can I be so immature. And can you imagine my feelings for SRK also has kind of nosedived a little, which is unimaginable for me...I used to adore the guy....well whatever

Sukanya M said...

My feelings exactly. I couldnt believe it...but i was kinda miffed at SRK (I thot I was SRK fan # 1). I sort of felt "serves them right" too. Even if KR did well, on the whole, IPL2 so far has been a damp squib and not just because of the rains. That euphoria is simply missing. But I guess the owners are there for a) money b) the photo op.

And what is TPR?

Read if you will

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