Monday, August 01, 2005

Notes to myself

I am trying to make the most of living in this nice house, while it lasts, after ignoring what I had for 7 months.

So, I am sitting on the verandah. Both of them. Front and back. Reading, cutting my toe nails, staring at the trees and the enjoying the nice pattern that the white cows dotting the field, make. And frequently stopping my sitting-on-the-verandah-and-enjoying-life to feel very pleased about sitting-on-the-verandah-and-enjoying-life. And also, wondering (frequently too) why didn’t I ever do this more often.

Cant concentrate on the serials on the TV. I just lie on the bed and take in the big spacious bedroom size. Thank god I didn't trim the curtains into a smaller size to fit nicely over the air conditioner that's just under the window. (God knows how I tried to but just couldnt find the time). The new appartment has big glass windows and the long curtains will be useful. All I have to do, is to take out the plastic clothes pin that I used to shorten the curtains! Hehe!!

I decided to do some packing yesterday (Sunday) and while at it, kept sighing over the size and number of built in wardrobes.

Am bathing in a different bathroom each day, (having stuck so far to the one with the master bedroom). And why not? The one in the guest bedroom is so nice and big. Sigh! Where are those little prints that I thought I’d have, a potted plant or two. In the bathroom, did you say? Yes I did. So what. Its my bathroom isnt it? So what if I havent managed to and so what if the three plants that I own have never flowered. But they are not dead. The only seem to grow vertically.

We had surprise and very welcome showers suddenly, yesterday afternoon. So we did an impromtu and very silly drenching in the rain…And infact, both of us went upstairs to the terrace. It was so silly, so pointless and so very fun. I did a little hop and a jig and caught people staring at me (three storeyed house is not really so high) and the roof was slippery. So I just …well…got drenched. First time the two of us have been up there. 4th or 5th time for me … oh to hang clothes to dry, to check on the TV antenna and once for a early morning walk. A goes up there whenever there is water shortage (to check on the tank) and once well to find a dead bird floating around in the water tank.

I make mental notes to buy a roll of film to take photos of this place.

But…moving into a new house, new place etc is in many a new beginning, start of something new. Life will continue very much as it is now unless I stop whining and start doing some serious time management, but till then, I can always postpone everything I have been meaning to do and havent been able to, till I move into my new place. As if, overnight, I will become this efficient person wonderfully balancing home and hearth. Silly isnt it? But well that never stops me from making more notes, in that crowded space that is this head of mine, on how things will be…..

(PS – I spent a huge amount of time making timetables during my school days, that always excited me and took up most of time, than the actual studying which I found rather irritating and getting in the way of dreaming up wonderful schedules where everything was so fine. Old habits, die hard. Even today, planning about balancing home and hearth, right down to minutest detail is so much more fun than actually doing it)!

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