Friday, June 11, 2004

A suitable job

Last couple of weeks have been really hectic. Apart from a quick heat stroke and stomach upset, I had some good news – job interviews! One after the other. Imagine. I spend the better part of my stay in France applying to jobs and getting rejected. Infact I received so many reject letters that I could have honestly stuffed a mattress with them! And out here, within a month, I get three!

The first of these were with a to be launched magazine. They are looking for free lancers and liked some of my posts from this blog and asked me to submit some articles and take it from there. Alas…the minute I walked out of the interview, writer’ (or not yet writer but soon to be) block struck. I haven’t been able to pen a single word of the article I am to submit to them!

Next came an offer from a famous publisher’s. This is one job I’d like. Imagine someone paying me to read! I was duly asked for an editorial test. And it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! How is an omlette spelt? Omelette or ommelette? Ocassion or occasion? And so on and so forth. There were 8 progressively tougher excercises in all and I felt terribly drained at the end of it which I blamed on the heat stroke ofcourse. I am still keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

And just this week, I appeared for and got a job (albeit a short lived one) with a famous artist who wanted some research assistant. I spent two dreary days doing really boring administrative tasks…waiting for things to settle so that things could be explained to me better…and it was, yesterday, in a way. It got really late last night and instead of explaining my role and responsibilities, the artist kept asking me If I shared his concerns (about what may I ask?), did I feel connected with him (what ever does it mean?) and how was I feeling about it all? ‘Chaotic’ was my answer which I guess left him a wee bit disappointed. He wanted to discuss it over dinner…just the two of us which I declined (putting it mildly) and didn’t report to work this morning and wont be in future! Phew!

Wish me luck that I do get the publishing job or something nice…

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