Monday, May 31, 2004

The Great Change

One of the first things that I did on my arrival in India was to have my palms read by a famous astrologer. My m-i-l is very keen on astrology and I am not too unkeen myself! It's like visiting a cheap shrink: Instant dose of courage and optimism!

This astrologer is an elderly lady with a piercing gaze and a very blunt manner of speaking. Unlike others, her charges are very low and she is quite accessible despite the fact that her clientele is mostly the rich and famous including our ex-PM and at the time I visited her, the general elections had just ended and a new government was being formed. She was beset with urgent visits by wives of politicians!

Anyway, she told me that a great change was headed my way and soon. It's been nearly two weeks since then and while we wait for the big change, we find that all the appliances in our house seem to have chosen this moment to collapse. The inverter (the batteries and the machine), the air conditioner, the television, the old car which was recently sold. And just this morning, m-i-l’s glasses broke as did the handle to our bedroom door. Things are breaking down almost as fast as we are replacing the old ones! Things around us at home are changing bit by bit. This then must be the ‘Great Change’ in my life, that she was talking about?!

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