Sunday, September 13, 2020

Anandamela & Anand Bazar Patrika Puja Barshikis arrived together a week back, heralding the advent of Maa Durga!  

Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay has a story in both.  I am more familiar with his bucolic sagas in Anadamela with 100s of characters each with separate stories all coming together in a madcap, side splitting way. Hirangarer Byapar Syapar promises to be the usual laugh riot set in a village with an ensemble cast. On the other hand is the curiously titled  “Amake Biye Korben?” (Will you marry me?)  in AB Patrika, for an older audience. 

I settled for the latter for my bedtime reading. The opening sentence didn’t read very romantic. More like a crime thriller. Curious. Suspicions confirmed a few lines down. Shabor bench e boshlen. Detective Shabor Dasgputa of Lal Bazar!!

Whaaaaaaat? A new Shabor Story? Hurrah. Then a new film in the offing.

Story wasn’t too great. Hirangar should be more fun.

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