Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: The Labyrinth of Osiris

Just finished reading Paul Sussman's The Labyrinth of Osiris.

Superbly entertaining. Like a Bollywood Blockbuster. It has all the elements in it: Exotic Locations - Luxor, Tel Aviv, Negev Desert etc; Big Bad Villains (american giant corporation), action aplenty, thrills, comedy (well more humour), women mostly in supporting roles and grieving on the sideliness, not one but two heroes ala Karan-Arjun or more like Jai-Veeru which ofcourse leads me to tragedy ... but saying anymore will be giving away the plot.

And infinitely entertaining, engrossing - all 500 plus pages of it.

Mr. Sussman, I find has written more books and so I will be reading them. But in reverse order since I have read his latest, first. It is also his last. He passed away shortly afterwards. RIP Paul Sussman.


Swati said...

I haven't read him either...must do!! Thanks

sulekkha said...

Thanks for this awesome review, will try and read this book.

Read if you will

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