Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ballygunje Phari at dusk

Its amazing what coexists side by side ... Standing at the incredibly busy Ballygunje Phari, waiting for more than 5 minutes for traffic to slow down or stop so that I can cross over to the other side ....

All I had to do was look upwards to see the row of palm trees and be quite forgiven if I though I was not in kolkata ... but else where... 

Either ways, beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sukanya.
I haven't been to kolkata. I want to go there. Heard so much about it :) It's travelogues (even if as brief) like yours that inspire me to see new places!
I hope you have gone through, because the India Is Global Photography Challenge ends in 2 weeks. All you need to do is talk about the India Is initiative. Add your experience and what you think defines that one moment that makes India unforgettable. Blog about it, and help us map India visually. Please send across the link to, so I can get you on board as one of the official bloggers for the initiative.

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