Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Relationship Banking

Somethings don't change. Ever. In this case, it's the unhurried pace of Nationalised Banks. I usually visit mine once a month and inevitably and invariably there will either be mass absenteeism or system failure or both. Today was no exception. I was the first one to take a token for cash withdrawl. Yes, it still exists ... the metallic disc with a number from one counter, the wait while your cheque makes the rounds of the bank and then the cash from another counter. I had a 45 minute wait while the bank grew progressively crowded and tempers got frayed.

Argh. What would have taken 4 minutes max at any other bank was now close to an hour .... 

But then there are some things that are simply not there anywhere else. While I was silently fuming, an old bank hand, the short portly Bannerjee da holding his stiff neck at an unnatural angle, walked up to me 

- onek din poray? Seeing you after a long time
- Hain aar dekhoon na ... Yes and see .... whenever I turn up, something goes wrong. Koto khon 
  dhoray wait korchi. Have been waiting for such a long time ... 
- Bhaloi toh,   ... amra aapnkay onek khon dhoray dekhte paabo ... Good for us ... We can see you for
  a longer time

Read "eye you" in place of "see you"! But he said it so good naturedly and frankly, that I had to burst out laughing!

Yup. The other banks maybe efficient ... but there are no human relationships and real warmth despite the hoards of relationship managers! 

PS - In the recent past, when they obviously underwent some sort of a makeover, they did try to improve their efficiency with hilarious results. I had gone to ask for a new cheque book only to be told that they were out of cheque books. Infact it was the same Bannerjee da who began with "Dekhoon ... raag korben naa, OK?" Look ... please don't get angry, OK? And I knew he was making a real effort since he is known for his extremely short temper!! Haha!


Swati said...

And you love Bannerjee da so much that you're not moving to another bank with an ATM?? Ki je korish... :)

Sukanya C said...


Read if you will

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