Sunday, May 27, 2012

A brief respite

Would it never end? Day after day of incredibly heat and humidity? The usual conversation that is part of the package ... will it rain, how long will it last, how high is the temperature, was it hotter yesterday etc ... was missing, as all of us zapped by the sultry sogginess fell one after the other into a zombiehood.

Our five day training in this merciless heat for our staff from MP, Assam and Orissa, ended yesterday. How they suffered. And yet not a cloud yesterday Fie.

So, when unexpectedly, the skies darkened, I had to rush up, brave the lightening. Later,  I kept the windows open as long as I could ... the wind brought in the dust, and then the rains ... I stood there soaking it up, to remember when this brief respite is over.

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