Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bus. Stop here!

Last week, I went with couple of friends to see Nandikar’s Anto Adi Anto, at the Academy of Fine Arts. After the play, we parted ways as my friends would be taking the metro. I decided to take a bus home, the roads being relatively empty by this time and the buses as well. Besides, taxis just don't agree to this short ride. I walked to the spanking new bus stop all shiny, brightly lit, with Robi Thakur staring handsomely out of the vinyl ad, outside the Academy of Fine Arts. [Such marvellous bus stops have been sprouting all over the city. And atleast to me, is a sight to behold, given the past history and usage of bus stops]. However, bus after bus whizzed past. But none seemed remotely interested in stopping or even slowing down at the stop. What was going on? I turned to my left and realised that a goodish crowd of maybe 10 had gathered in front of the Rabindra Sadan Gate, a few metres down from the stop and that was where the buses were stopping. Argh.

I steadily ignored the unruly Kolkatans and dug my heels in at the busstop. As minutes ticked past, I struggled between doing the right thing or getting a ride back home. Gnashing my teeth and feeling mightily silly, I sauntered over to the by now sizeable crowd for my bus and within minutes found a ride home.

Kolkatans don't deserve these new bus stops. Neither do they deserve the new buses.

PS - I caught another play at the Academy - Bohurupee's Nana Phuler Mala ... and this time, I am happy to say I didnot budge from the bus stop and got the bus to stop for me at the bus stop - by jumping on to the road and waving my arms frantically!

PS2 - If you wish to read about my similar elation about buses, here is one for you:


sankarshan said...

The other day when I noticed that serene face staring out from the bus stop, this was exactly what I was puzzled about - why wasn't anybody using it ! Pardon me but I can't stop chuckling at the description of your zeal and the final denouement :D

Sukanya C said...

I guess most of us can't really believe it for us to use .... maney use korle kharap hoye jabe...tai tule rakhi...


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