Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers

So then Oscar Wilde and his pal Arthur Conan Doyle go about solving a series of crimes in end of the century (19th) London. And so his milieu is littered with names and events which is familiar to even me (in the 21st century) sitting so far away in kolkata. And after pages of pages of wit, fun and great conversation, one does get to know who it was who did it, we are also pleasantly surprised at how Watson like ACD happens to be and how ACD got his idea for so many of his holmesian plots from their current adventures! And oh there is Bram Stoker not yet written his most famous work and that is how Jane Avril got her name did she? And all this in the midst of a murder (or two) most foul. hmm. Thankyou Gyles Brandreth for the Oscar Wilder Murder Mysteries.

And I say this even if I began by reading Oscar Wilde and the Viper's Nest - the 4th and the latest book in this series. The "Game" my friends, is definitely afoot!

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