Thursday, May 26, 2011


It had to happen. Work on the metro link on DH road had begun a bit after Taratolla flyover and upto the tram depot. Which meant Joka to Tram Depot and back was what the tram route had been restricted to.

Today, as I took an auto (upto Taratolla) from work, I saw a few buses on the tram track, people "eating air" bang in the centre of the track. Yes. Trams will no longer ply on that left over stretch. The old gives way to the new. Has to. Progress and all that.

Soon they will be a memory only. But not one we will forget soon. My past musings on the tram below:


sankarshan said...

In other words, the Taratolla to Sakherbazar stretch is going to be one ugly mess way past the Pujas this year.

And, the lazy rides from Tram Depot till Sakherbazar go into the photo albums.

Sukanya C said...

The lazy rides might b over. But the congested mess is, as of yesterday suddenly gone. The auto / bus ride to taratolla is a super fast 20 mns now! Auto not allowed to park jotro-totro!

Anonymous said...

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