Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man & Machine

Kolkata never fails on a Sunday. Today was no exception.

There I was doing the routine commute from the library to SK's home, when something whizzed past.

A large bird? A small plane flying low? Superman?

It ... was ... an ... old ... man (atleast 80) in white pajama and shirt, black cap and gogles (the sort old war movie pilots sport) on a motor bike (vintage variety), with his wife (also in summer white) in the side car and their elderly daughter (I told you the man was old) on the pillion.

And no, he wasn't putt-putting past. Shoulders up, body leaning forward, he was fairly zooming past! We could only stare agape, amazed!


Swati said...

That's how I want to be when I'm old. Whizzing by on a bike, with hopefully, not a very frail you sitting behind me....My daughter, elderly or not, will refuse to sit, I know... :)

Kriti said...

who ever said Bengalis don't have the courage of Sardars : )

Priyashmita said...

ah miss this kolkata a lot

Sukanya C said...

@ P - So come!
@ K - Ophkorsh.
@ Swa - U driving, me behind u and O (how can u forget him) in the side car!!

Dr. Skeptic said...

Hi! Googled your blog. You have been blogging since 2003! Indeed the blogging-granny! :-)

Sukanya C said...

haha - Dr. Skeptic...and I have proof that i really hv been around since less thing for u to be sceptical about?!

Nipon said...

Who's this 80 year old dude o_O Way to go!

Good to find your blog. You have a mile long archive list, going all the way down to 2003! :)

Sukanya C said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nippon.

Nipon said...

Do read my post on the blogger meet last Sunday :)

Read if you will

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