Monday, February 14, 2011

The All Bengali Crime Detectives

Thankyou Suparna Chatterjee. No, not for writing a crime story - my almost favorite genre but for the setting. An entire middle class bengali para is part of the plot which is well, life and of the various events, pre-occupation of the cast, there happens to be a crime in there as well, which does get solved eventually. But the build up to the solution is great fun, not alone to find out if the butler did do it, but also for the hoped for conclusions to many other sub plots...all equally important.

For all bengalis and those who are familiar with bengaliana - this book is worth a read. (And for others too..)

I hope Ms. Chatterjee is busy working on the sequel. I did find out if the butler did it, but don't yet know the outcome of potla's prem, piya's patra (groom) and Sabuj Kalyan's puja plans. Hopefully all these will be solved in the next book.

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