Thursday, October 28, 2010

Through a glass, darkly!

Just before the Pujas, there was a sudden spurt of dark glasses (glares), of late. Definitely not the latest Durga Puja fashion. Wasn’t to keep the merciless sun out of our eyes either. Infact the weather, to our collective suprise, was rather nice and continued to be so throughout the Pujas.

Oh that annual event: conjunctivities or Joy Bangla as it is known here. It comes around every year just like chicken pox, heat waves, durga pujas etc without fail.

The dark glasses were every where, just every where hiding red, watery eyes. And since the hands are the most common medium for infection one kept wondering if one had accidentally touched something possibly infected and then rubbed one's eyes. All one had to do is wash one's hands frequently, but just about around this time, ones eye-hand coordination goes for a toss.

And not to mention the imaginary itching, swelling, watering of the eyes. These are enough to make you feel rather ill. Worse is waking up one morning and finding out that these symptoms were not imaginary afterall!

It did the rounds at my work place. One by one, quite a few of my colleagues got conjunctivities. All kept wondering who would be next. However, I managed to get through the puja hols unscathed.

On monday, the day after Bijoya Dashami, we returned to our office to find big boss in large butterfly glares. Oh ho! Boss and I were taking a train to Bhubaneswar the next day for a planning meet. All at work were convinced (and quite gleefully) that it was my turn.

She asked me quite a few times if we should cancel this meet. No way. As it is, the meeting should have happened 20 days earlier. Shortly after, Ashok - he drives the NGO jeep - too was prancing around in fake but really hip glares. I tried to put up a brave front and tried to make light of it - " Both Gabbar and Sambha's got joy bangla", all the while wondering "aab tera kya hoga kaalia?"

Fortune however favours the bold. Our meeting went well. We got a comprehensive plan chalked out for the next couple of months; we ate some good kebabs at Khaja Chowk and were back in office, sans joy bangla! Bach gaya ... atleast for this year!


Swati said...

Ha ha, I remember one time most of us at Allindia were walking around in glares!!

Swati said...

Ha ha ha....I remember once at Allindia many of us were walking around sporting different kinds of glasses, and those were Joy Bangla free, refused to come anywhere near us!!

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