Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Joyous Bangla

The golden sunlight has been missing this pujas. First there was unbearable heat and humidity and then massive depression over bay of bengal and the rains. The rains have stopped but the weather is wonderful. There is a very pleasing breeze what is so aptly called "Phur-phure" in Bengali.
And ofcourse, the atmosphere.
Like any other morning, I am sitting at my PC at 7am in the morning, a pleasant morning, with the news on the TV, birds chirping outside and the curtains swaying in the phur-phure breeze.

It does not matter a bit that I have to go to work today. It does not matter that I haven't seen any pandals yet. It does not matter that I will (like millions other) wade, jostle, elbow, fight and possibly stomp and gnash my way through the mother of all jams. All bengalis have been infected (no - not speaking about conjunctivities known as "Joy Bangla" which is sweeping Bangla and infact neighbouring Assam as well) by that inexplicable feeling of joy, happiness, elation, expectation and general bon homie. Joyous Bangla!

Happy Sashti to all of you!
PS- All the pix were taken early am (in final stages of preparation)

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