Friday, August 20, 2010

An inequitable world

Back this morning from bhubaneswar where we visited several schools for the deaf.

The above photo is a classroom for very young deaf children. It also doubles as their dormitory. Those boxes (of those who can afford) and the bundles (of those who can't) contain each students belongings.

If you look very carefully, there are actually two classes in full swing here. Students seat facing opposite ends. The fact that all of them are deaf, helps. There is not much noise. Infact very little.

Again, another classroom cum dormitory.
All of the photos are of two deaf schools in Bhubaneswar. The 2nd and 3rd photo is one of the oldest schools in Orissa and perhaps in the country. 187 students cramped in to tiny classroom cum dorms. Teachers and staff struggling against all odds. Little or no government aid and delayed if at all. Hapless parents relieved to dump their deaf children in the school and come only reluctantly twice a year before the school holidays to take the children home.
These are the lucky few. Others have to make do with local schools where according to Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, all children (including disabled) are to receive free education. No matter that there are no trained teachers (or atlteast properly trained and coming regularly) at these schools. Did I say these children were lucky. Yes, well only upto Class X or XII. After that what? No jobs. Outdated, outmoded training programmes and no placement anywhere private or government (despite 3% reservation in government jobs).
And Bhubaneswar is only an example. It is more or less similar a scenario everywhere. India is shining, apparently. I'd like to know where?

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cyclopseven said...

The world looks at them as a place to dump their charitable acts. In most places, the authorities don't regard people with physical, sensory and mental disabilities as equal partners in the educational and rehabilitation aspects. Their voices are often suppressed, while at the same time they carry the banner fighting for their rights.

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