Thursday, March 04, 2010

In Flight demo

Another trip to Bhopal. Which means flying to Nagpur from Kolkata, a cab to Nagpur station, a train to Bhopal and an auto to my hotel in Bhopal. I can now do it blindfolded.

And I thought I had learnt all the tricks and shortcuts and had seen it all. Not quite, as I found out.

I got a seat right in front of the plane on the Kolkata Nagpur flight. As I took my seat, I found the plane abuzz with mosquitoes. More were entering through the open door as other passengers were still boarding. A lady swatted angrily and complained to the airhostess about them. “It happens only in Kolkata,” said the air hostess, catching my eyes and smiling sympathetically. I looked stonily ahead my hackles raised (cant help this bongness). But only momentarily. Indeed there was a thick cloud of mosquitoes. Maybe not a cloud, but definitely a swarm which, heh heh avoided me sensing my solidarity and attacked others.

As the flight took off, and the plane went upwards (to stratospheric heights), the mosquitoes settled and then vanished. But not before a final show. I have never paid much attention to the security drill / demo by the cabin crew (atleast not as much as men do…but that I think has more to do with air hostesses in short skirts) but this time, I did. And what a demo it was. The airhostess slapped (her arms), swatted (her face and neck), stamped her feet all the while demonstrating the usual seat belts, oxygen masks, exits demo!! It was funny. But full points to the lovely lady for not missing a beat even with all the stamping, stomping, slapping and swatting!


Lydia said...

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Sukanya C said...

Thanks Lydia for stopping by and your kind words. I will check out the site you have mentioned but i am very lazy about promoting my site...and depend mostly on my loyal readers (friends mostly who have little choice) for traffic and am content with it!

Parth said...

Free-loaders, these mosquitoes :)

Kriti said...

Loved it Sukanya! phata phati!! Had a similar experience myself : )

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