Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vastra Samman - Join the effort, this festival season

Goonj is organizing “Vastra Samman a nationwide awareness cum collection campaign September 27th to October 2009.

There are 25 collection centres through out the country. Contribute clothes – not merely the old ones. Clothes that you had bought on an impulse and never wore, clothing you thought looked good in the store but not so at home, clothing that you will wear when you slim down, clothes that you haven’t touched for years and yet are loathe to give away.

This festival season join and help make this initiative a success.

More on Vastra Samman, here.
Collection Centres, here.


Rajat said...

A worthy cause in this festive season!
I checked out the collection centres, and one of them is just a 15 minute walk from my home... I'll definitely donate some of my clothes. :)

Sukanya C said...

Rajat...pls help spread the word it on your blog or any other forum that you think might help!

Swati said...

Do you know where I can donate in Delhi if at all?

Read if you will

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