Monday, July 06, 2009

An Alpine in Kolkata

The auto I was in, took a sharp turn onto the flyover and it tilted on its rear wheel and just as I thought we'd topple over...a car rushed past and out of the rear window, popped out an ENORMOUS FURRY head: A full grown (given the size of its head), furry Saint Bernard, enjoying the breeze, a enormous tongue (like a babies bib) lolling. I kid you not.

All of us including the driver oohed and aahed and had something to say about it.

But don't these enormous, furry, cuddly dogs ...with small beer casks tied on their collars ... revive people stranded / buried deep in snow...somewhere in the alps? Aren't they alpine? Meaning from a cold clime. Lots of snow and sub zero temperature is normal for them.

Why bring them to Kolkata of all places, snugly tucked in the eastern armpit of India (no wonder its - Kolkata and not the St. Bernard - so sweaty and odourous)...which itself is located in the Torrid Zone. Sheer cruelty.

Perhaps, it was brought as a pup to Kolkata and has only known hot and humid weather and is quite at home and was enjoying the gentle breeze...


sankarshan said...

I used to know someone who had one of those large, furry, cuddly creatures. The amount of time and energy that was invested into ensuring comfort for it was a minor miracle. Thankfully, the dog did live life to the fullest and, took a strange fascination to mangoes.

Having pets that are somewhat _high_net_worth_indicative are a bit of a fashion these days. The Vodafone/Hutch pug for example, had a series of media articles on the trend.

Dogs, cats, fish, birds - you name it, the city is a veritable menagerie. For example, have you attended the annual bash of the Calcutta/Kolkata Kennel Club ? :)

Sukanya C said...

No I haven't...I am ok with people keeping pets as per their pockets...but pity the St. Bernard in Kolkata...afterall an A/C is not snow.

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