Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post Poll Scenario: Silence

There is a total silence all around. Even the post poll analysis (explaning away of the loss as well as the jubiliation of winning) seems to be muted and half hearted .. on both sides.

A furious, enormous, all consuming tug of war was on...straining and draining all - party workers & bosses, by standers, aam junta et al, with no one was willing to cede an inch. And then yesterday, it was all over. One side found themselves dragged accross the dividing line and the other - flat on their back, rope in their hands ... won!

Sunday will then be spent in quiet contemplation as the realisation of loss and win sinks in.

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Sougata said...

Hey Sukanya, long time.

Been terribly erratic with blogging. Life gets in the way.

When I was young and, sorry...let me start over...

When I was young, I usually thought at length about what I wanted to say and then said it. Now, I think at length about what I want to say, feel incredibly tired, and wash it down with some beer. If I were in a denying mood, I'd say that the world is worse off because of it ;-)

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