Thursday, March 26, 2009


Another HOT and MUGGY day. Another late night at work. And what's more I was one of the last to leave. That spookish feeling I get when switching off all the lights and locking up doors on my way out.

A 2 minute walk through a snaky road brings me to the main road and the bus stop. Half way through, someone pressed a cosmic button and hey presto...a cool breeze swept through and within a second everything became PLEASANT. My clothes were no longer sticking to my body, I and everyone else felt and looked refreshed. And I didn't have to wait. A shuttle auto with 2 passengers waiting. I was the all important passenger number 3, which would induce the auto driver to start [otherwise, they would wait and wait and wait till atleast three passengers turned up]. I could shut my eyes and pretend that I was away in some hill station. I had to shut my ears too - to block the cacaphony of a million vehicles. And ignore million dust particles that the breeze threw up, bigger ones than the record breaking suspended particles in the air . But hey... we make the most of such "cosmic benevolence" rare as they are and don't believe in nitpicking.

An auto change at Taratolla and onto another for Deshopriyo Park and in 30 short [the driver was a grand prix driver in a previous life] and hair raising [zig-zag, whoosh past enormous buses, swanky cars, reckless cyclists, jay walkers] minutes later, I could see the D'park street signal - my destination, when the air filled [redolent is the right word] with the marvellous fragrance of rajnigandha from the many flower stalls lining the roads in Lake Market. MARVELLOUS.


Swati said...

You still are a late worker? Come on Su, take a break....aar koto din eto kaaj korbi? the weather sounds perfect, reminds me of the times we left Allindia late and walked into similar circumstances...hugs

Sukanya M said...

Byabosta koray dey...aar korbo na taholey...sotti bolchi...god promise!

Anonymous said...

ermm ... those redolently fragrant rajanigandha have silent consumers a bit further down the road across the signal. Am just being snarky. Last evening, while coming down, the taxi got stuck at the soon-to-be Lake Mall thanks to a boy and a girl who were yelling at each other right from the middle of the road. And, as the fragrance wafted across the half open window, all I could think of was Gobinda Auddy Road when the wreaths passed by. Soothing, and yet, significantly the last journey.

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