Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday kay Sunday

If it is sunday, it has to be in Kolkata. For me.

That special combination of laziness, contentment and mellow-ness.

I went out for a quick errand: tickets for a play. Got great seats and bonus: a good soak in the sunday pre-lunch air of kolkata.

There was hardly any traffic on the road, by Kolkata standards that is. It would constitute a major traffic jam in some countries though. Could hardly recognise Rashbehari avenue. Despite the red signal, a bus lumbered by, a man slow cycled and a couple ambled past. And nobody complained, no horns blared. No one going any where in particular, and not with any purpose. Oh the sheer bliss of it all.

Houses snoozed, sighed contentedly, squat and tall, happy on lazy roads which on any other day would be narrow, over crowded, dirty, full of rubbish etc. (No, its not a touch of the sun. I am not making it up).

Even the constant humidity didnt feel opressive. The sun too was on sunday behaviour, shining on and off. And off home for that all important sunday lunch: mangshor jhol - Goat meat curry. Ah!


sankarshan said...

This isn't Kolkata. Not on a Sunday. Not near the Pujas. You must be in some suburb and hallucinating about Kolkata ;)

Sukanya M said...

It was! haha! I jest not.

sankarshan said...

Well, you are soaking in Kolkata, went to a movie, went to a play *and* had maangshor jhol. Darn, these can all come together into one package of envy.

Next I know you'll be writing about the puja issues of various magazines.

Anonymous said... more posts ?

Sukanya M said...

pujor amej ekhono thik katey ni...subho bijoya!

Balajee said...

Hi. I'm sorry to post this note out of context to your blog. I happen to be moving to Paris shortly. I would love to pick you brains a little to maybe help me settle down. What's the best way to do this?


Sukanya M said...

Hi Balajee,

I have left France about 4 years ago. But u r welcome to pick my brains....write to me at and i hope i can help!

sankarshan said...

Ok ... enough of soaking in Kolkata. The unwashed masses demand a post :)

Sukanya M said...

Shubho Bijoya, happy diwali! Subhasya shigram!

ContentXn Network said...

Hi Sukanya,

I invite you and all bloggers to

We look forward to working with you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so where is the next blog post ?


Read if you will

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