Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Is it a crime to use a whole mug of water to paint on a day when there has been no water?

We woke up to the new year to find that there was no water running out of the tap(s). We had to depend on the three large buckets of water (now ice cold since the mercury had dipped to 2 deg C last night... and still feels that way indoors), all day.

So, we spent the day,A & I, glued to the TV and the net respectively. I cooked what I could using the least amount of water. Some of the water was used by J to mop the floors (I insisted) and washing the tea cups, strainer and kettle (J insisted, knowing our tea-dependence).

"It will be back in half an hour", we were told around 9am. It's nearly 6pm and we are still waiting. Apparently the plan was to get four tankers of water, put that in the building's reservoir and pump it via the water pump. Last update: 2 tankers have arrived, but the water pump is now being fixed: Why wasn't it fixed earlier? Who knows why?

In the meanwhile, I am painting (water colours).

"Be good today", ma would tell us, on new years' past of our girlhood day's (mine and my sis R's). "If you cry today, you will cry all the year through". (The first day shows the year...apparently).

I seriously, sincerely hope that, THAT is NOT true.

Happy New year, everyone.


Parth said...

Happy new year to you. May 2008 be water logged :-)

Sukanya M said...

Happy New year to U too...just wish for the supply to be restored first...(one thing at a time)!!

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