Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to Nature

The weather was hot and dry. Oppressive. Opened all doors and windows to coax some air circulation. But in vain. It didn't help matters that I had pizzas and garlic bread for dinner. So, I decided on a post prandial stroll inside our complex. A slow lethargic amble would be a better description. The ground below was hard and hot. After just a few minutes later, I was ready to crawl back to the air conditioned comfort of my bedroom.

On a sudden impulse, I kicked off my slippers and stepped onto a strip of lawn. The slightly moist, springy grass beaneath my feet had a miraculous reviving effect on me. Now I understand why people loll around, at all hours, oblivious to the heat.

I sat on the grass and enjoyed "connecting" with Mother Nature. It was only at 11pm I reluctantly went back but only after A came to see if I was stuck inside an elevator.

I did a quick calculation and figured out that the last time I walked barefoot on a grassy lawn was probably in Assam, which I left some 25 years ago.

I was half angry, half saddened with myself and my life. In the mad whirl of life caught between home and work, I had no time for simple pleasures of walking in the rain, smelling flowers, walking barefoot on the grass. A lot of it was not entirely my doing. Kuwait was just sand. Calcutta - mostly smog.

But what about now? I have been here for nearly a year and a half.
How could I have not made more of it?

Mother nature too must have noticed my ignoring her. She has come back with a vengeance and how. Just as I was getting over my fear of the terrible earthquake of 8th October, she gave a gentle nudge once again last Sunday. It felt like some one had gently lifted the chair I was sitting on and set it back. I did panic wildly, if only for half an hour and made a mental note to look for a house closer to the ground floor.

And then, we have been having the most awful dust storms (almost like a desert storm) and last night, there was a terrific thunderstorm at around midnight. Wild flashes of lightening, the windows all a rattle. I thought they would shatter. And water pouring in through every crack and gap. I spent better part of the storm plugging holes with whatever I could find in the laundry basket.

Nature is all around, in every nook and cranny, but not quite how I imagined it would be!


The Great Ganesha said...

hey sukanya,

just wandered onto your blog from the simon world best india blog. congrats on being a finalist.

i just wanted to let you know that i was looking at your profile and saw that you are a maigret fan. i think you are the only other person that i know who has even heard of maigret (apart from those people whose throats i try and force him down). it's good to know there are others out there...

nicely written post, btw.


Sukanya M said...

Hello there IM,

Actually, I know quite a few people who like Maigret (alas none of them have blogs). And (lucky me), I saw the Maigret series on French TV during my stay in France with an actor called Bruno Kremmer - who is simply "MAIGRET"! Interesting blog name - by the way! said...

We have added your blog @ Bangladesh Blogs Aggregator . Best of luck.

Scott Fish said...

I just moved to Chennai from Mumbia and I am so glad that I found your blog! Great post! If you want to read about my new adventures in Chennai, India, also: India News and India Forums Thanks!

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