Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Radio Channel

Anita had written about Radio Channels recently. Which prompted another post on the very same topic.

I listen to them daily on my way to work and back and on my way to clients’ and back. Choice of the stations are entirely upto the driver’s though. Most of them play the latest hindi film numbers. What I enjoy most, more than the songs are the RJ’s commentaries. Inane, mostly. But funny nevertheless. I also, happen to pay attention to all the ads, but that is purely from the point of view of work. Ever since I have joined Advertising, I can never watch or listen an ad without, unconsciously analyzing it.

But of late, (more than a few months actually), ever since all Airtel numbers changed and therefore began with 4 instead of 5, my direct number at work, and mine alone, mind you, in a big office with more than 150 people, has somehow, become the number to of a popular Radio Channel. Throughout the day, I get numerous calls for this channel, and during call in shows, am beset by them. And hardly anyone bothers to ask if it’s the channel or not. Instead, as soon as I pick up the phone, I get a barrage of strange answers. From men, women and children.

“Its Ajay Devgan’s father”, or “the answer is Amanullah Khan” or “Hema Mailini” or “film ka naam hai…”.

And when I say “WHAT”???
“Aap kahan say bol rahi hain?” is the response.
I get angry and gnash out, “Where are YOU calling from? Who do you want?”
“No, who are you,” says the caller.
“No you tell me, you called me?”
And so on and so forth.

The obvious answer is both I and this Radio Channel’s share the same number. Only difference being the Radio channel has a Delhi code. But the RJ’s rattle out only the number and the code and all people from outside, get an irate me, instead of the RJ.

Occasionally, if I happen to be in a good mood, I explain that they have to dial the Delhi code before the number.

In the meanwhile, it affords harmless fun, a break from the back breaking work to some of my junior colleagues. Sometimes, they take the calls.
“That is the CORRECT answer. You have won a trip for two to Disney land.”
Or they say, “Your time is up….”
And one enjoyed his role so much that he started having long conversations even asking them for song requests!!

I have tried dialing my number with the Delhi code but can never get through. The line is always busy….

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Pragya said...

How funny is that!! :))


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