Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why I can't remember the roads....

Most of my clients are in South Block (the Ministries) and the UN bodies in Lodhi Estate, and despite going their twice a week for more than a year, I wouldn't be able to find the way on my own.
My attention is focussed elsewhere...

Just the other day on my way to the Ministry, my car was at a red light...cheek by jowl with other cars, when a fat, contented cow weaved its way placidly to the front row of cars at the traffic singals and waited patiently, believe it or not, for the light to change to green. And when the light turned green, it too crossed the roads, oblivious to the on rush of cars on either side!

And then on my way back, I saw a true example of "Hamara Bajaj". A man on a bike with his three kids. One was sitting on the engine in front of him and two behind and he had tied all of them to him with a bright bandhni dupatta!!

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