Monday, December 05, 2005

Shameful plugging!

Well here goes : Finally, my food blog The Timid Cook

This is sort of a thankyou to R for her constant support and guidance about all things culinary. Also, I have so many food tales. Some about my experiments, others about R's cooking and yet others.

You may or maynot like my posts or even read them. But I can (thankgod for blogs) write and pretend that its a great blog. Can't I????


Morpheus said...

If this is what you call timidity in cooking then lady you do have all it takes to make lazybones like me try out your recipes. Keep posting them and I will on and off try them out :)

I like your Notes from France blog and with Timid Cook you have surely shown a skill in writing that is nice and simple ! Ever thought of a regular column in some newspaper ? Would be a nice break from all the rubbish I read.

Sukanya M said...

thankyou Morpheus for your kind words. What more can one need on a sunday? Warm sun, a cup of tea, the papers and a nice word! I would like to write for news papers but dont know who to ask....:-)

Read if you will

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