Friday, January 28, 2005

If one were to believe in destiny...

Everything moves along to some little understood cosmic easy explanation. Yet some things are just too coincedental.

Like our moving into our own place in Yes! We moved in last week to Gurgaon, close to my office.

A had first heard about this place in October when I had not even thought that one dy I'd be working here, let alone staying. Once I joined work, house hunting (when I found the time), became a top priority. The 80km up and down communte was killing me and naturally, this was the first place I saw. A was away in France then. I really liked it at first glance. But the in-laws pointed out that it was simply too large for just the two of us and would be terribly hot in summer and cold in winter being on the second and top floor. Not to mention the water and power problems which appartments in building usually don't have.

I mentally wrote this place off and tried to check out a few other smaller appartments but each had a serious drawback. The landlords rang up frequently, negotiated and renogotiated the lease, all the while when we were actually looking for other places! And all the whiile, this house waited patiently, empty, beckoning us! As if it knew that we'd land up there eventually. And so we did! One fine day in Jan (last week actually), after having commuted what seemed a million miles, I signed the lease, couriered it off to the landlords, hired a van, piled in our worldly belongings and viola! Here we are.

2 of us, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 balconies, a lobby, a kitchen, a drawing room and a terrace...all are, our stuff neatly unpacked and put away in the numerous built in wardrobes.

The landlady's siter lives nearby and is our contact for most things about the house and Gurgaon. On our first meet (back in november when I had come to see this place for the first time), she told me in passing that her sister, the landlady was to work in the very same agency but had been called when it was too late. By that time they had decided to shift out of the city. Last week, I casually mentioned this to my boss. What? her? God! We really liked her but and wanted her to join but we were too late in getting in touch with her.

If she had got the offer in time, she wouldn't have moved. But it was too late. I moved in to her job and her house!!

PS- one of the first things I did after moving in was to hang up my two painting and a terracotta fresco that I had picked up in Crete. It is in a greenish antique colour (fake ofcourse). And rummaging through the stuff the landlord had left behind, I found another terracotta plaque (not cretan, very Indian) but in the same greenish antique tinge! I hung it up too.. you hear the hmmm, hhmmm, hmmm, hmmm theme of the twilight zone playing in the background or is it simply work pressure thats making me see things when there aren't any??!!

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