Monday, November 29, 2004

Anniversary Blog!

Slowly, it crept in. On last sunday, my blog turned one!

What began as an update on my life in france for R, on A's insistent became a blog. And somehow, I have managed to keep it up through various moves and upheavels and illness, through unemployment and employment!

Many thanks to all of you who took time to visit my blog, leave a comment or email me. Can't tell you what it meant for me.

Special thanks goes to Debashish of Null Pointer, who held my blogging hands through all things tech on my blog through email and chat and when all failed, took my user id and password and did the changes himself! Inspired by him, I hesitantly began a bengali blog but it proved to be a still born. Debashish still hopes that I might restart it soon.

I left a moderately successful job, a very full social life to go to France and found myself in isolation. Even when I picked up the lingo, I still couldnt find a job. I wasnt too great as a house wife either. So blogging came to my rescue. A having set me in the blogging way, must have rued his decision when the dirty dishes piled up in the sink and laundry in the basket and I cooked abbreviated meals, all my concentration focussed on Blogging.

For very long time I was extremely shy about my blog posts and quaked everytime I hit the 'publish' button (I still am a bit shaky about it). There seem to be so many wonderful blogs around with so many intelligent matter. Not just a bored-housewife-blog. But each time some one wrote something to me, I felt better. So imagine my surprise when I was got quite a few emails from readers of my blog when I left france for India. Well, thanks!

Some of my favourite blogs -
Daniel Brett because once he wrote about Kolkata and because of Sabuj Neer;
Rezwan - read his blog and you will know why I like it.
Instant kaapi - for being nice to me in my early blogging days!! haha.
Null Pointer - See above for explanation
Bongo Vongo, Solilokey, Infinitelimits.....

Like all good things, this too will come to an end, someday...but not just yet. I am not through with it. No way!

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