Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Monkey Business

The heat is incredible. Now I understand why it was called 'The Burning Plains'. I am stuck indoors (by choice till sundown even though the that does nothing to bring the temperature down.

However, I am more tired of answering the same two questions - Arent you a teeny bit sad at leaving France? And isn't the heat too much for you? No, No. I am not even a teeny bit was nice when we were there and now we are not. Period. And the heat is equally bad for all of us....even though I have just returned from a mild spring weather... I have lived through La Canicule in France last year - more of the same is expected this year as well.

Our house and neighbourhood is over run by monkeys who are upto what they do best - monkey business. Tearing up our prized potted plants....cutting up our neighbour water pipes which then caused a huge seepage in our common wall. We go upstairs to the terrace armed with something handy to take a swipe at them (they can be vicious). But like A remarked - where do they go? This was their home before we moved in and they were pushed more and more and now they have no where else to go...

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